A Deeper Perspective Of Aquaponics

Seeing Aquaponics as More Than Simply Food Security, but a Way of Managing Mental Health

Garden Therapy with Aquaponics

Aquaponics can help you with more than food security for your family, it can help you find an inner balance as a form of garden therapy.

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Have you been thinking about a deeper meaning in life?

Aquaponics can show you this perfectly!

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The Practical: What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the harmonious man-made ecosystem of growing fish and veggies together where the fish provide fertiliser for the veggies, and the veggies filter the water for the fish.

An ecosystem that you can create in any space, indoor or outdoor. It saves water and grows your veggies four times faster in a healthy way.

Mini Aquaponics

Indoor Aquaponics

Courtyard Aquaponics

The Deeper Perspective: How Can Aquaponics Support You?

By understanding how the aquaponics ecosystem is a delicate balance where everything is interconnected, we can see how this reflects our life.

This can help us to manage what is going on with life, as we return to the breath, and reconnect to the flow of life.

Just like an aquaponics system.

Everything is Interconnected for Balance

Some short videos helping you see how aquaponics can help as a form of Garden Therapy

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Part 1: Flow & Flourish (5min)

Part 2: Emotional Regulation (6min)

Part 3: Darkness to Growth (Depression) (7min)

Part 4: Aqua

Resilience (PTSD) (7min)

Part 5: Sensory Harmony for Overwhelm & Autism (7min)

When you look deeper, there is so much personal growth available

My Journey Shaped me

Over the past 15 years I constantly turn to my various aquaponics system to help me manage:

* Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

* Depression

* Anxiety

* Autism

All presenting different challenges in life.

I learned to realise when I stopped looking at aquaponics as food, but as a metaphor for life, I found a deeper sense of peace.

I Call Aquaponics: My Invisible Therapist

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