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Simplifying Aquaponics for the Busy Family

A simple guide to help you get started

A simplified aquaponics book filled with easy to understand language about how an aquaponics system works, the basic fundamentals of aquaponics, such as filtration, fish and vegetable relationships, as well as photos, designs and common parts needed.

Ecosystem Harmony: 101 Tips to Supercharge Your Aquaponics Journey

Dive into the world of Aquaponics with expert guidance!

Discover the secrets to selecting the perfect location for your aquaponics system, sourcing the essential components, choosing the right fish species, maintaining water quality, and much more. Start your journey toward sustainable and bountiful aquaponics today

My Invisible Therapist

My journey to trauma recovery and food security with Aquaponics

My journey of learning about aquaponics on a practical, as well as deeper level, taught me about myself. Helped me to heal myself, not through repressing, but understanding.

Broke, broken, besieged by depression, anxiety, PTSD and in the midst of legal issues I found a way through the mental health struggle.

Aquaponics is the most sustainable way of gardening. These days, we need to support our environment, as well as ourselves, and Aquaponics is the solution for this.

It is also an amazing form of garden therapy, and an opportunity to look at life differently.

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